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The Annunaki or Sky Gods are a group of ancient deities that appear in Mesopotamian lore. Annu-naki simply means "those who came from the heavens". Sources about the role and the origin of the annunaki is contradicting. however many modern theorists believe they might be a race of UFO's that have appeared in ancient times, some believe they are the judges of the underworld.- there are many sources that could give insight as for who the annunaki was. one of the most popular books written on the subject is "Chariots of the Gods?" by Erich von Däniken


  • The annunaki is perhaps the first depiction of ancient gods in human history
  • they are winged beings, with long beard and goat legs
  • This group of deities probably included the "seven gods who decree "An, Enlil, Enki, Ninhursag, Nanna, Utu, and Inanna".
  • The worship of these deities spanned across the ancient middle east. (Sumerian,Akkadian, Babylonian,Assyrian,Hurrian and Hittite)

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