Area 51

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Area 51 front gate
Tunnels that possibly connect to Area 51

Area 51 is highly classified base located in Nevada, USA. It was revealed to be a 'real' location only recently, formerly denied of its existence by the US government. The strategic location of the base exists for the purpose of secrecy.

What's Inside?[edit]

Area 51 is an airforce base with several aircraft hangers. It is not clear if the site is mostly used for test flights or research as it appears to be dormant on commonly viewed photos.

There are several speculations about the hangers inside. Some say they contain flying saucers. Others say it contains working replica of existing UFO aircraft. Next to area 51, there is an underground facility called S4 (allegedly). S4 is an underground facility dedicated to the research of alien technology. According to Bob Lazar, S4 is experimenting with zero-gravity technology.


There are many UFO sightings in proximity to area 51. There is a group that is dedicated to capturing Ariel phenomena next to the site.


Area 51 is highly secure, and possibly is one of the most secure locations on earth, with 24/7 armed patrols.

Storm Area 51[edit]

A bunch of people on Facebook got together and thought it was a good idea to storm a military facility. It appears to be a funsy event rather than a serious takeover.

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