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The book and Trump JR

Baron Trump Time Travel refers to a conspiracy theory fueled by right-wingers during the 2016 elections. It's related to two books from the 1890s that contain seemingly eerie connections to modern-day politics. The books in question are Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey (1890) and its sequel The Last President (1900).

Key Points[edit]

  • The main character name is the same as Donald Trump's son
  • The novel is set in New York, Fifth Avenue Hotel (where the Trump tower currently stands)
  • The story begins in early November, describing an election year an with outsider candidate that is heavily opposed
  • It talks about mobs of leftists and socialists trying to stir chaos towards the election
  • Fifth hotel avenue is guarded by troops and police, in the face of angry anarchist mobs.
  • Conspiracy theorists suggest that Trump could be a savior or an important figure from the future, OR that the person who wrote the book had sightseeing abilities.
  • According to the title: "The Last President", could Donald Trump or his son (Baron) be the last president in America?

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