Bhutanese Shadow Market

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A long running, but unsubstantiated conspiracy about the existence of a shadow market in Bhutan. allegedly, its a place where you can buy souls,immortality and other arcane stuff.


Explorer and scholar Laurence Waddell writes in his 1895 The Buddhism of Tibet about the death rituals of the Red Hat sect of Buddhism dominant in Bhutan:

"On the occurrence of a death the body is not disturbed in anyway until the Lama has extracted the soul in the orthodox manner. For it is believed that any movement of the corpse might eject the soul, which then would wander about in an irregular manner and get seized by some demon. On death, therefore, a white cloth is thrown over the face of the corpse, and the soul-extracting Lama (Vo-oo) is sent for. On his arrival all weeping relatives are excluded from the death-chamber, so as to secure solemn silence, and the doors and windows closed, and the Lama sits down upon a mat near the head of the corpse, and commences to chant the service which contains directions for the soul to find its way to the western paradise of the mythical Buddha Amitabha." (page 488).

Human Trafficking Allegations[edit]

There's a market for prostitutes, whose value is determined by the trauma they've endured. Often referred as "Slut Stocks"

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