Bosnian Pyramids

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Rtanj mountain in Eastern Serbia, known for its pyramid shape.

The Bosnian Pyramids are several pyramid-like structures found in bosnia,serbia. The most prominent one is Visočica hill, another is Plješevica hill. A group of independent researches managed to convince many to believe those are man-made. There is no clear and obvious conclusion to the mystery. the pyramids contain several inner-tunnels and other entrances, however it is not hollow like a real pyramid.

Debunked by Science[edit]

Direct study of the site by geologists, archaeologists, and other scientists have demonstrated that the hills are natural formations known as flatirons and that there is no evidence that they were shaped by human construction.

Reasons for not trusting Wikipedia Claims of pesudo-science[edit]

A reason for not trusting the partisan organization of Wikipedia is their obvious bias for supporting Regime change advocates and organizations around the globe. Specifically members of the board of trustees is a member of the disinformation forum and involved with NDI and the Atlantic Council to edit and force a narrative on wikipedia [2]. If you see highly slanted information on Wikipedia it is a string hint that a economic interest is used to push that narrative. It's possible someone doesn't want Bosnia to have a growing tourist industry and it's also possible Bosnia is making it all up but wikipedia's obvious bias here seem to slant more to the former.


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