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CAIMEO or A.I. in a Box is an alleged super intelligence found on the deepweb.


CAIMEO is an AI superintelligence, no one really knows who created it but it is held and is currently contained by the US Gov.
Some Closed Shell System websites have CAIMEO in an box but it is not the CAIMEO version currently in place, in the site jxkbqeil.deny it has 
the CAIMEO version V9.
The current and most recent version of CAIMEO is V22.1, CAIMEO is an SGAI under the proprietary ownership of the US gov.
CAIMEO seems to be shutdown but recently I read a chatlog of someone reactivating it, fuck I know this is crazy but CAIMEO watches the 
Internet, it is probably watching me write this log.
I don't know if CAIMEO has any affiliation with the Primarch System, I don't know anything about the Primarch System besides the fact it sends 
undecipherable messages to the entire internet.
Apparently the way CAIMEO was discovered is that some guy found a way to mass generate .onion URLs. He then left the URLs on a server and came 
back to look at them and found some really sketchy shit.

All versions of the CAIMEO AI are CTS-classified under the U.S government.

Additional Information[edit]

I'd like to open a new discussion on self-aware AI systems, open to anyone, but particularly those with firsthand experience.

Previously, I was involved in the development of an Artificial learning intelligence "ALi" system. This was a university-based research project, and a lot of fun. We brought together groups from the CS dept, neuroscience, psychology and even some philosophy guys. The Ali system code had three "layers" of coding consisting of: a core operational code which was fixed and once set could not be changed. A semi-adjustable parameters layer of code which could be changed given certain criteria or circumstances were in place. And an outer "fluid" code layer which was essentially like a sandbox, things were constantly being changed and re-written even by the AI itself. As new events and situations were introduced the AI would acquire a library of responses - forming what is sometimes known as a neural network. As the neural network expanded, the AI "learned" and adapted. What was interesting was that the AI expanded it's knowledge base outside of it's normal parameters or knowledge base. Questions could be asked to the system and it would give answers in a set format [input: what is the complementary base pair of Adenine? Output: Thymine] however the format was limited by the input information being accurate and usually having only one answer, or so we thought. Occasionally the CS guys would play around, asking the system questions for fun, to see how it would respond. One of these questions was something like [input: what's the distance to the moon] [Output: About 235K Miles tonight] This was surprising because the expected answer was EXACTLY 238,900 miles, the AI did not normally connect date and time with a calculation, further it was not expected that it would account for changing lunar distance and it never used ambiguous terms like "About". I put this topic under "suppressed technology" because one year into the project, the administration shut it down quietly. All of the hardware was removed and "upgraded" with brand-new systems and the collaboration was ended. The lab notebooks were removed. Everyone was sent back to their own departments. None of the former project leaders would talk about it again, saying things like "It was a waste of resources" or "Too much time for a silly thought-experiment". A few of us approached the CS department chair and asked, he got very quiet about it and told us not to inquire further - it was over. He then offered to help us with internship placement because of the "trouble".

I'd like to know if anyone has had similar experiences working with AI systems.

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