Columbine Massacre Conspiracy

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the trenchcoat mafia

The Columbine Massacre Conspiracy refers to hundreds of unanswered questions and unexplained testimonies regarding the event. Due to the magnitude of material and reference information, not all related information will be included. in order to supplement the missing information, additional material will be linked below.

there isn't just one theory or missing link regarding this subject, but over a dozen. and in order to simplify the list, We will only go over the critical points which we believe to be the most substantial. the authors of conspiracy wiki do not aim to challenge the legal dominations of the investigation or aggravate grieving families. all information below will have to be examined with care, we send our condolences to those who lost their loved ones on April 20th, 1999.

My suspicions were further reinforced when I could not find any graves for the students at Columbine, just memorial markers at the cemeteries that online graves registration said should be there. To be sure that the website was correct, I took the names of grave stones at those cemetery of actual graves and put them in the site and they came back legit. Yet, for Columbine students they list graves, but there are only memorial markers at the entrance to the cemeteries. - William K. Zabel.

More than 2 shooters, and their Identities[edit]

In the afternoon of the event, some 50 eye witnesses claim they saw the following:

  • 2 shooters, however one of them was not eric harris.
  • 3 shooters, 2 in long black trenchcoats and one with a white T-shirt and black & white camo pants.
  • according to more than 1 testimony, one of the shooters was identified as Robert Perry.
  • One of the shooters was short with a stocky appearance, was described to have short hair and a "masculine face".
  • According to some testimonies, an additional shooter was identified as "Chris Morris".
  • A tall man with a trenchcoat was idenified as Robert Perry, or someone else. It is said the man in question had "severe acne"
  • The number of shooters varies extremely, from either 2 to 20, however it is almost a certainty there was more than 2.
  • according to some witnesses, crossfires and firefights could be heard.

Additional Shooters[edit]

Students whom were present at the time of the shooting (some at the sports field and in areas surrounding the school) report seeing strange occurrence's and additional shooters that were not determined to exist on the official findings (however they do exist on the memo's).

In several eye-witness reports it is said there was a man on the roof, with a blue t-shirt and a long rifle at the time of the massacre. official reports say it was a janitor/maintenance guy that was stuck on the roof and couldn't get out during the shooting. According to official findings there were about 99 makeshift bombs found on the school itself, however during the massacre students clearly saw a person throw a pipebomb on the roof, which was clearly not eric or dylan. the suspect was identified either as chris morris or robert perry. an additional shooter was hiding in the parking lot, crouching next to a car.- supposedly he was carrying a gun. it is not clear whenever it was law enforcement or an additional shooter. in many witness reports, students claim they saw several men with "black masks" shooting around the school. no masks were found in the official reports. According to the findings, dylan and eric carried 4 guns to school, which none of them was automatic. however several students could hear automatic fire during the time of the massacre. 400-1000 bullet holes/casings were found. however no official number could be agreed on.

chris morris escorted to a police car


  • Many students knew that something "big" was going to happen on the 20th,including school staff.
  • This event was in planning between a year or more prior to the event.
  • 1 day before the shooting, someone called to warn the authorities. - perhaps twice.
  • Dylan and harris were supposedly dead around 12:30, but gunfire was heard until 3pm on the afternoon
  • It took the police 45 minutes to get in, no hostage situation was declared
  • various law enforcement agencies were involved (by sight) but not confirmed. like the FBI HRT team, Nato Peacekeepers and others.
  • police saw an army general coming out of a tunnel near the school, apparently the tunnel led to the cafeteria. the army man was released.

Unknown Entities[edit]

  • 3 Students from another school were spotted in the bushes near the school, said they heard about the shooting in the radio (it was not reported on the radio). they were later released. it is said they knew about the shooting from other sources.
  • A person with a southpark t-shirt was spotted standing next to one of the windows, according to some of the students he was firing a weapon. he was later identified as chris morris, but charges were dropped.
  • at the columbine memorial day, celebrities were spotted, some were country singers and government officials.
  • During the massacre, students claim they say a man with a "round rat face" and a mustache walking down the halls.- this person could not be identified.

Mysterious Deaths and silencing[edit]

at least 3 people who were witnesses during the massacre were killed or died later on, others left their houses and could not be reached by phone. This portion remains brief as some of the information is difficult to confirm.

Additional Resources[edit]

There's an excellent interview by William K. Zabel. The Columbine Cause by Evan Long, excellent movie.

Official Website?[edit]

Apparently there's an inactive website dedicated to the subject, and it was up for many years. It is not clear if the site is maintained by anyone, since it is visibly neglected.

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