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This is how to get started on a wiki. If this page is confusing, you can ask here for help and we will guide you :)

How to edit a wiki page[edit]

First click the, "edit" tab of a page, then you will see something like the following. Here is what it looks like to edit, Texas Tunnels, for example.


Notice the formatting toolbar at the top of the edit page as well. That can also help you learn.

How to embed images to a wiki page[edit]

Ask here for image upload permissions. After you are granted image perms, you have them indefinitely. Now click on, "Upload File", on the left-hand side of the website. Choose your file from your hard drive and upload it. Now copy the image name you'll need to embed.

To embed it in a page, you need to put the following code in a page (adjust for jpg etc):


How to create a page[edit]

Search for it in the search bar and then click the red link to create the page.

How to add a Youtube video[edit]

Copy the video ID of the Youtube video you want to embed. This is a series of around 11 random-seeming characters that come after "/watch?v=" in the video URL.

To embed the video, paste the video ID between youtube tags. So to embed into a page, for example, you'd put this on the page: