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The Empty Internet is the assertion that the majority of interactions and users on the internet are fake, meaning they are replaced by bots or super smart AI-scripts that simulate user interaction.

The majority of pages on the internet are placeholders for bots and get very little traffic as a result.

User count[edit]

According to the theory, the number of users on the internet is much smaller than officially reported.

The subreddit /r/EmptyInternet estimates there are only 15 million global users of the internet, and the rest are bots.


Bots both good and bad are responsible for 50% of web traffic according to a security firm. The latest cyber security survey from the firm found that bots make up most requests to web servers, with, "bad", or, "malicious", bots on top.

Purpose of bots[edit]

The purpose of these bots are thought be about taking our info and selling it to companies at a premium. So, the internet is basically just a giant spying tool and money scam.

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