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This spooky face is often linked to erratas threads

Erratas or The Mysterious Word You Shouldn't Search For refers to alleged A.I Super-Intelligence that is used by HR firms to blacklist certain workers with bad behavior so they can never participate in the job market. The relevant post about this originated on 4chan /x/ (paranormal) board and since spread to other parts of the internet. This convoluted mystery leads to an ARG game that is used to promote an obscure indie band called KFC Murder Chicks.


  • One day, two workers were sealing off packages in a warehouse. the girl working there noticed it says Erratas on the tapegun.
  • She asked about Erratas and was fired immediately, apparently this happens to anyone who tries to look up the name or investigate.
  • Later, a thread was made on /mu/ with several music links, one of them leads to a strange youtube channel.
  • The channel in question was just low-effort clips warning people about erratas and how the government is guilty of ruining people's lives.
  • If you turn on auto-captions in one of the videos, it directs you to a fake adress which does not exist.
  • Google search of that address directs you to a blog related to a band called "KFC Murder Chicks".
  • This concludes that this was alternate-reality game created to give publicity to an unknown garage band.
  • People on /x/ insist there is something more to this mystery and that Erratas is a real system.

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