Faces of Bélmez

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The Faces that appeared over time, top-left is the original one from 1971

The Faces of Bélmez is an unexplained supernatural phenomenon that started in 1971 in Bélmez,Spain. According to the Pereira family, strange faces started to appear on the marble flooring at that time. María Gómez Cámara tried to scrub the faces several times with no success- she even got new flooring done and the faces kept appearing one after the other. Lab examinations concluded the concrete was not modified or tampered with in any way. To this day no one was able to debunk these claims therefore it was declared to be a real supernatural phenomena by the Spanish authorities. Currently, the Bélmez residence attracts many sightseers from around the world.

Key Points[edit]

  • Lab examination found no tampering or modification of the concrete
  • Scrubbing the faces with soap or cleaning solution was found to ineffective
  • Further examination of the place beneath the concrete revealed an old graveyard
  • EVP recording of the house found strange ghastly sounds emanating from the residence.
  • Bélmez town hall enshrined the location for tourists and sightseers.
  • Paranormal investigators believe that it is a thoughtographic phenomenon, subconsciously produced by the deceased former owner of the house, María Gómez Cámara.

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