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The GATE Phenomena is a collection of testimonies gathered on imageboards. This one refers to the Gifted and Talented Program in various schools across the united states.


  • students have faint, sparse memories of the program, if any at all.
  • those "guessing games" given to students were actually psychic tests
  • most accounts from come maine to california
  • After GATE gets suddenly cancelled, CIA and DoD start declassifying a few old documents showing that they ran psychic programs
  • The Tavistock Institute was associated with the GATE program.
  • One of the private research institutes that they worked through was called the GATEway program, which focused on astral projection and remote viewing.
  • program is loosely connected to MKULTRA
  • Through this, people were able to find out about MK color codes

Color Codes[edit]

  • ALPHA - Base Programming
  • BETA - Sexual Programming, usually given to woman. "cat" alters might come out of this level
  • DELTA - Assassination Programming
  • TETHA - Psychic Training, And sometimes Monarch

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