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The Galactic Federation of Light is one of the oldest conspiracy theories on the internet, dating back to the late 90's. The conspiracy theory has origins in a 1980s religion called the Ground Crew Project.

There are countless websites (on surface web and deepweb) that are trying to push this message. The theory originates from a man named "Sheldon Nidle". ---- he describes a boyhood encounter with extraterrestrials who landed in his backyard. Since 1955, he has claimed to be in regular communication with ETs through telepathy and ‘direct core knowledge inserts’. However, he states that when he was 14 years old, he put an end to extraterrestrial communication because he was expected to fulfill his mission as a 'star seed from Sirius', and there was too much conflict between terrestrial and extraterrestrial knowledge.[1]

Brief History[edit]

In November 1996, Sheldon received an urgent call from the galactic federation of light. Allegedly, they warned him about the transformation of humans and the earth, preparing humanity for mass spiritual ascension.

The Federation[edit]

  • The federation relays messages to a number of special individuals around the world. They can be find around the internet
  • The federation is here to warn us about the state of humanity and the decay of planet earth (peak resources)
  • The leader of the federation is a humanoid named Ashtar, often depicted in drawings on the web

Quote from Rev. Dennis Shipman[edit]

The Galactic Federation of Light (aka The Galactic Brotherhood Connection) is an association of over 400,000 benevolent star nations with headquarters located in the Vega solar system in the constellation of Lyra, according to the book, "Your First Contact" by Sheldan Nidle.

Approximately 40% of the Federation members are humanoids and the rest are varied forms of sentient beings. Most members of the Galactic Federation are fully conscious beings - which means they operate in the Fifth-Dimension (5D) of consciousness and above.

The Federation was officially formed 4 million years ago to prevent inter-dimensional dark forces from dominating and exploiting this galaxy. However, its roots evolved from a special organization that was first created some 25 million years ago. Its initial purpose was to act as a mediator for the various known forces of Light in the Milky Way Galaxy.
—Rev. Dennis Shipman


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