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Gangstalking or Targeted Individuals(TI's) is a widespread phenomena that affects thousands of people around the world, but is mostly prevalent in America.


Gangstalking is the act of constant and direct harassment. The most common harassment method is using 'Gangstalkers' (whom are recruited through 'recruiters') to actively stalk people in broad daylight. This phenomena has not proven to be real (as of now), however there are speculations as to how this operation came to be. Some people suspect that the US government is using a legislative loophole that allows them to harass people with no repercussions. TI's - Targeted Individuals often come off as mentally ill or erratic due to their speech pattern and low quality camphone videos.

Signs and Symptoms[edit]

  • Existing friendships taper off very quickly to the point of isolation.
  • Some people around you might look excessively worried or scared for no apparent reason.
  • Belongings are missing or replaced in some fashion.
  • People whom may be previously unrelated to eachother now appear to be friends.
  • you are either not greeted at all, or greeted by a large group of people at the same time.
  • You are having trouble finding intimacy as certain peers might follow you everywhere.
  • Unidentified Numbers call you throughout the day, often after midnight, There is usually silence on the other end of the call.
  • Changing employment or location might become incredibly complex
  • Passing drivers might look directly at you for no apparent reason
  • Certain noises are made as a response to certain movements you make around the house.
  • You can hardly fall asleep
  • You feel a positive change in behaviors when visiting a place that is out of your routine

Methods of Harassment[edit]

  • Directed Energy Weapons- A microwave weapon usually hidden inside a van that shoots radio waves that cause discomfort & pain.
  • V2K (voice to skull) is the method that allows gangstalkers to insert auditory hallucinations inside people's brains.
  • Gaslightning - a method used to cause undue stress and embarrassment
  • Chemtrails - is not an harassment by itself, but often discussed by T.I's due to their suspicious nature.
  • Direct Harassment - break-in's, slashing tires, stealing data, changing data etc.
  • The use of Clones - a small number of T.I's allege that the government is replacing their loved ones with clones.
  • Morgellons - Morgellonsis the informal name of a self-diagnosed, scientifically unsubstantiated skin condition in which individuals have sores that they believe contain fibrous material.

Roles & Hierarchy[edit]

This list might be incomplete or inaccurate

  • Lurer - The Lurer is someone that lures the T.I into certain social situations that might cause extreme discomfort. He may also befriend the T.I after social connections are lost. He is acting as a replacement for "lost friends" and makes sure the T.I does not change his routine or location despite the harassment. This role might suit a woman better, but is often given to a man.
  • Scout - This Role is possibly the lowest role among the hierarchy, scouts are often used to form groups that engage in "mobbing" or "crowding" the T.I. This Role is known to be a "starter role" which is given to various people whom might not be fully involved in the organizations that perpetuate targeted harassment. This role also involves driving a car, stalking, and making noise.
  • Perpetrator - This role is usually given to people with some amount of experience. The vast majority of T.I's Usually meet one or two of these unless they are heavily targeted. The Perp is meant to be some kind of a bully, and is usually assisted by lurers or scouts to make sure harassment can be done safely without the involvement of police or retaliation. This role is considered to be very stressful and dangerous because the perp can easily be punished by the T.I if Lurers and scouts are not available. Perpetrators are usually psychopaths.
  • Mole - The insider is an authority figure inside an existing organization (such as the police or school) that is used as buffer between the T.I and authorities, these people make sure complaints about harassment are not dealt with. They are also familiar with The other low level perps and stalkers.
  • Handler - Handlers are usually the regional managers of targeted harassment in different areas. They decide how many resources should be directed to harassing certain individuals depending on the profile of the T.I. Handlers are very much feared within those organizations however some of them can delist T.I's from being harassed based on the financial priorities of the organization.

Concrete Evidence[edit]

As of now, (Sep. 2020) there is no sufficient evidence to enable prosecution of any entity or persona. Some videos extracted from various channels look authentic and convincing, however most of them are not.- T.I's have a tendency to use the absolute lowest quality to record video & audio.

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