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The Globohomo Agenda or Woke Capitalism is the notion that big corporations, politicians (neo-liberals in particular) and other various groups (like non-profits) are driving a New World Order agenda often referred to as the Globohomo Gayplex.

The reasons as to why big corporations become political in this way is strongly debated. A catchphrase often used by alt-righters to describe part of this phenomena, is: "go woke, get broke".

This conspiracy theory is mostly touted by alt-right circles and anonymous imageboards.

Ideological Continuity[edit]

The philosophical and sociopolitical formation of contemporary degeneracy has been attributed to the creation of the New Left in France in the 1960's and to the naturalist movement in France in the late 19th century. Figures such as Judith Butler,[1] Gayle S. Rubin,[2] Maïmouna Doucouré,[3] Michel Foucault[4], Andrea Dworkin,[5] Patrick Califia, Mirjam Heine and such were the main influences of the academic and political strain of the movement. Later, Bourgeois institutions have managed to secure the so called "end of history" and have started implementing policies and proposals that have resulted in the current post-modern condition that we see today. A disproportionate amount of gay are upper class and could afford higher education than working class cis people.[6] The Troon movement is a bourgeois invention and is mainly implemented by a small faction of the social elite.[7]


  • Heavily push LGBTQ+ on younger children, whom are not fully formed- and inject the idea of sexual diversity in their minds.
  • Punish anyone who resists diversity with various anti-discrimination laws.- This is most prevalent in canada and the UK.
  • Ruin the nuclear family by turning single moms into welfare queens who don't have to depend on a man.
  • Fund anti-capitalist movements to make the streets unsafe, so that the government can impose harsh gun laws.
  • Flood the western world with immigrants and refugees, in order to erase culture and racial identity.

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