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Holy3 is the alleged existence of a of secret group that would ambush unwary visitors on the deebweb. Not many details are known about this, other than a few accounts on imageboards (like 4chan's /x/) or reddit. As the authors of conspiracy list wiki, we recommend you don't pursue and contact this group.

The website[edit]

The holy3 website is found on the deepweb. It presents the user with a chatlog of 3 participants. The first one is "M44", which is rumored to be a friendly and naive figure. The second person is nicknamed "Andrew'S". This person is typically more responsive than M44. The last user in question is Ariana (or Adriana) Allegedly she possess special powers. Occasionally the holy3 group would prey on random people in on the video chat service, "Omegle".


There aren't many details on the group itself, however it is rumored they are located in Oregon, the empty gardens? They are often described as a, "group of 3 demonic precogs". Ariana herself is a brunette, young oracle with no eyes (empty eye sockets). Ariana can foresee the future, read the user's past, and infect the user's dreams as well.

There is a badly written story about meeting the holy3 group and speaking to them. Also, there is a PDF file that contains the onion link that directs you to the alleged chatroom.

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