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Kanye Quest 3030 is a fan-made role-playing game for PC made on RPG maker. The game seem to contain several easter eggs and a secret level that no one previously knew about. In 2015, someone posted a pastebin text detailing on how to access the secret level.

The game itself generated a lot of buzz because of that hidden easter egg, which might have been used to promote a rather unknown music label. The second theory is that a cult is recruiting cryptographers or highly-intelligent people through the game (similar to cicada 3301).


In 2015, a pastebin article claimed that if the player typed in the word, "Ascend", into an in-game console, the player would be taken to a secret section of the game. In this secret section the game would claim that the rest of the games contents was a front for this area which it claimed is the real game. At one point during this secret stage, the player would enter a room with a QR code which had to be screen captured together. This QR code would take the player to a dead site, which allegedly was an IPLogger, and it would subsequently pull the IP of the player and allegedly send it to a cult. After inputting the needed commands at various terminals the player would then be asked to give the game their private info and was instructed to wait to be contacted. This was believed by some to be connected to a group called, "Ascenionism". that entered urban legend around the same time as the game being released. Ascenionism is allegedly a cult that believes in reincarnation and was hoping to recruit more members with the game Kanye Quest. They also are rumored to have connections with record labels such as "Ascension Records."

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