Lavender Town Syndrome

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Lavender Town

The Lavender Town Syndrome is an urban myth/conspiracy theory. in 2010, an anonymous user uploaded a pastebin describing the phenomena.


The music of Lavender Town compelled the suicide of about 200 Japanese children in the Spring of 1996. Others allegedly suffered nosebleeds, headaches, or became irrationally angry or emotional. According to this urban legend, high-pitch binaural beats harmed the brains of children in a way adults were immune to. This fabricated illness was dubbed, "Lavender Town Syndrome", and the original story went viral after being spread on websites such as 4chan. Various people have added details to make the story more convincing over time, such as photoshopping images of ghosts into spectrogram outputs of the Lavender Town music.


Despite the harrowing allegations, nothing was reported on Japanese media. The Pokemon company changed the music to a, "happier tone", in later versions.

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