Mexico Flying Humanoids

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2006 Footage

The Mexico Flying Humanoids is a collection of various recent phenomena's (over the past 20 years) of flying humanoids of varying sorts. The Subjects in question appear to be witches or (Bruja's in mexican). Not all phenomena is recent, flying objects in mexico are reported every year since the invention of printing press.

Media Appearances[edit]

  • (April 2017) reported a Humanoid going up in flames and shooting up the sky (video included)
  • The Monterrey Witch of 2006 - A blurry footage of an actual flying witch (allegedly)[1][2]
  • The Flying Witches of Veracruz (book by James Endredy)

Possible Explanation[edit]

RC, Remote Control (or Radio Control) technologies for hobbyists are bigger business than most people realize. Everything from toy trucks and boats to kites and UFO-like craft can be remote controlled. And astounding advances in remote signal and digital technology (combined with advances in flight stabilization and control) have allowed for silent hovering, extreme vertical takeoff and other remarkable flight maneuvers.
But in the past decade or so, a considerably large group of hobbyists have been experimenting with unusually configured RC aerials - including those that are human-shaped.


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