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The Cluster

Missing 411 or the National Park Disappearances is a collection of speculations, conspiracy theories, and observations made by the author and former park-ranger David Paulides


Paulides claim that there are dozens (or hundreds) of people missing in a small cluster area of 3 different national parks. He went on several podcasts trying to explain his theories on the matter. The most popular one was Coast to Coast AM

Key points[edit]

  • According to police reports, much of the missing people had missing shoes, that were later found to be perfectly intact.
  • Some of the clothing is found to be neatly folded on the tops of mountains or hilltops (several miles above the search area)
  • Some of the missing people are trained survivalists or ex-police/military.
  • Some of the clothes found on scenes are not corrupted by mountain lions or other domestic animals.
  • The book Missing 411: The Hunted documents 185 cases of missing peoples from four different countries.


Martin Rezny from medium.com wrote the following:

Speaking of bizarre and inexplicable, these books and documentaries describe a growing number of cases (now in the low thousands) of people going missing or being found under strange circumstances. When I say strange, what I mean is that, for starters, all of the usual suspects have been ruled out, like animal predation, human crime, voluntary disappearance, drowning, etc. Or there at least isn’t enough evidence for any of these.
But there’s more. Beyond a mere lack of explanation, Paulides has put together a profile which includes a specific list of factors, most of which tend to be present in all of these cases. Some of these factors are inherently unusual, requiring at the very least a sudden psychotic break or a chain of bad decisions, while others are unusual through the rate at which they correlate with these cases, and yet others seem utterly impossible all by themselves.
—Martin Rezny[1]


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