Old Arnold Estate

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old arnold estate

The Old Arnold Estate is a haunted farmhouse built in the 18th century. It's also where The Conjuring movie was filmed. The house itself is known to be one of America's most haunted houses. It's where 7 children found their death as well.


The paranormal events known are based around the accounts of the Perron family. In 1970, they moved into the old estate with their 5 daughters. They immediately sensed something could be wrong with the house (rattling,scratches,lights go on/off).

Among other creepy things, their beds would shake at 5:15AM exactly every time. Heating equipment would fail mysteriously and there was a prominent smell of rotten flesh as well.


Bathsheba was a violent spectre that would throw objects around and torment the residents. She styled herself to be The Mistress of the house'.

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