Orion Pyramid Resonance

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Giza aligned with orion
Lightwave Visible Color Spectrum Emanating from the Pyramid

Orion Pyramid Resonance is a collection of several conspiracy theories combined into one. The more popular one is Orion Pyramid's which refers to how the giza pyramids are aligned precisely with the orion constellation. The second theory in question is how the Great Pyramid of Giza can focus electromagnetic energy from base to tip. Both theories are true, however the conspiracy and controversy that surrounds them is overwhelming. Countless books have been written on these subjects. A quick search on amazon for, "orion pyramids", will reveal of the amount of conspiracy theorists whom are invested in these ideas.


Some Conspiracy theorists believe that the Giza pyramids were used to transmit a signal to outer space, to the orion constellation. Allegedly, the Sirius star cluster is the most important in that constellation and might be the origin of some ,"Egyptian Gods". Another Theory related to Orion Pyramids is that the pyramids can transmit a "soul" (mainly of deceased Egyptian kings) directly the afterlife (the underworld in Egyptian mythology).

Resonance Theory[edit]

scientists at the ITMO University along with the Laser Zentrum Hannover, conducted a new study on the great pyramid of Giza’s. They studied how the Great Pyramid would interact with electromagnetic waves of a proportional, or resonant, length. Analyzing deep, their study suggests that the chambers inside the pyramid can concentrate electromagnetic energy. Under resonance conditions, the pyramid can concentrate electromagnetic energy both in its internal chambers and the area located under its base. The scientists initially evaluated that resonances in the pyramid can be instigated by radio waves with a length going from 200 to 600 meters. At that point, they made a model of the electromagnetic response of the pyramid and calculated the termination cross segment.

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Great pyramid of Giza’s shape can focus energy through its chambers

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