Sabbatean Accelerationism

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Jacob Frank, founder of the frankist cult

Sabbatean Accelerationism or Jewish Accelerationism refers to a conspiracy theory with questionable origins. However, this starts with a 17th century cult called The Sabbateans that was formed by Sabbatai Zevi. This refers to a messianic cult that believed the shards of creation were spread after the 7th day- and to be found in different parts of the world. Additionally, according to some conspiracy theorists The Sabbatean's engage in vile ritualistic acts to bring us closer to judgement day so that the people of this world can witness of the coming of the Messiah in their lifetime. This rabbit-hole often leads conspiracy theorists to a movement called The Frankists which are the modern continuation of the Sabbatean's. It is also theorized that cultural marixsm, critical theory and new age philosophy were inspired by the Sabbatean belief's.


Accelerationism, through which these wealthy kleptocrats intend to hurry things along in order to get what they want, is rather similar to the way passive-aggression manifests within the field of psychology. Just as a person might deny that unreasonable behaviour such as wantonly sabotaging the plans of others was completely innocent and unintended, so too do economic accelerationists claim that they are acting in the interests of us all.

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