Sky Rods

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Sky Rods or Sky Fish is UFO or aerial phenomena described as large rod-like objects (or creatures) flying in the sky. It is believed they travel extremely fast, and can reach sizes of up to 10 miles in diameter.


Here's some primary source quotes from a witness:[1]

We think it's a living entity of some kind. It does have behavior of being alive," said Escamilla. "They're very evasive, they're super fast.
We don't know what they're doing here. We don't know how long they've been here," he said. "We have rock carvings that appears to show RODS on carve drawings from 50,000 years ago.
You can capture planes as they're going across the sky, satellites, things that you typically wouldn't see other than like a dot typically when you look up," he said. "Whereas with the longer shutter, when it's open, things will move and light will reflect off of it.


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