Succubus Summoning

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Succubus Summoning is the practice of summoning and commanding a succubus with the help of magic. The motivations behind summoning a companion are not clear, however there seem to be a community built around the idea of summoning deviant devils for sexual pleasure or companionship. There is a clear and practical methodology for this (as seen in several books) however proof of concept is not always given, therefore it remains to be a running joke among spiritualists & magicians


  • Grab paper/notepad/notebook/whatever, something to write on, something to write with. Be sure to take notes at the end
  • Sit somewhere dark and quiet as much as possible, no laying down
  • Close your eyes, meditate, concentrate on your breathing (in through nose, out through nose/mouth, feel the air fill your lungs and leave your body)
  • Heighten your awareness of things, stimuli, sensations, bodily functions, environment, and more - be observant
  • Keep an open mind, relax your body and your thoughts - entities can and do use telepathy, so make note of strong thoughts or feelings coming over you or your body
  • Verbally ask the air whoever is in the room with you. Some may make knocking sounds, or creating phenomena xyz, trying to make themselves known to you, try to make yourself have an air/emotion of positivity and understanding
  • Differentiate sensations as best as you are able - what is physical or biological, and what is not? generally you will be able to tell when or if a noncorporeal entity interacts
  • Keep a dream journal. Entities can and will enter themselves into your dreams for a variety of reasons. Note when a dream character seems too alive or autonomous. Even though their appearances as the dream character will for the most part change and vary quite a bit, they are the same entity there. Vividness of dreams can also indicate external influence.
  • House settling" noises or knocks on/in walls can be indicative of an entity there.


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