Super Mario 64 Masonic Rumors

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spooky mario face

The Super Mario Masonic Rumors can be found on the, "/x/berg", which is a picture of an iceberg that represents the depth of different conspiracy theories. The idea allegedly originated from the twitter user, Owen Cyborg.

It is not obvious if there is a specific purpose for the masonic themes found in Super Mario 64 as some of the levels are fashioned after masonic temples.

The Video below should explain these ideas in fine detail.


  • The checkerboard floor tiles are quite common in masonic lodges. It symbolizes good and evil
  • The sundisk symbol in mario is quite common in masonic lodges.
  • The red carpeting is also common in masonic lodges, the color represents zeal and might.
  • The coins that Mario collects throughout the levels can be interpreted as pentacle
  • Mario is symbolic of mercury (fortune). He is fluid, likes to travel and is greedy. Mercury is 1 of 5 elements represented in the pentacle.

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