Texas Tunnels

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One of his first admissions

The Texas Tunnels Conspiracy (or Midland TX Conspiracy) is the alleged claim about the existence of crime and corruption- involving secret police and a host of other government agencies. The conclusion regarding those allegations is yet to be determined.


Sometime around 2015, a person named, "Buddy Webb", posted security camera footage on Facebook (and later on Youtube) which included his own commentary about strange things happening to him. Buddy described weird occurrences such as: break-ins, getting shot, and most importantly the existence of a tunnel in his backyard.


  • Buddy called the police several times, among them is Midland detective Rosa Rodriguez. He also contacted Texas rangers and the FBI.
  • Buddy made a claim that there is a secret police that is working with/against the regular state police.
  • Buddy Webb was shot in front of his own home. There is a security cam footage detailing the accident.
  • He believes there are tunnels (approximately next to his location) which are used for human trafficking, drug smuggling. and the military


  • Why didn't buddy contact a private investigator, if the authorities are involved in a coverup?
  • It is possible that Buddy suffers from paranoia or delusional thoughts?
  • Perhaps Buddy was suffering from gangstalking as his case is very similar to other people affected by this phenomena.



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