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timecube website

Timecube (and in part the TimeCube website) is a collection of pseudo-scientific claims about the government, modern science, and earth.

The website was made by Otis Eugene "Gene" Ray.


  • All modern sciences are participating in a worldwide conspiracy to teach lies
  • 1 Day consists of 4 days occurring simultaneously
  • Otis Eugene "Gene" Ray is the wisest man on earth
  • Greenwich time model is not correct, and it should be replaced with timecube theory instead

Proving His Claims[edit]

Otis offered scholars at Massachusetts Institute of Technology 10,000$ if they could debunk his theory. He was laughed off the premise.

Suicide of Richard Janczarski[edit]

Richard Janczarski, also known online as "Cubehead", was a self-professed disciple of Ray who styled himself "second-wisest human." From 2004, Janczarski created the Time Cube fansite Cubic Awareness Online, and an accompanying forum. In 2007, he traveled from his native Australia to Florida to meet Ray. The pair had several disagreements after going their separate ways. Ray denounced Janczarski on his website after the latter's visit. Seemingly as a reaction to this criticism, Janczarski committed suicide on February 12, 2008 at age 21.

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