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TsalalNet is a creepypasta from somewhere around 2007-2009 posted on imageboards like 4chan's /x/. This is probably one of the most obscure mysteries out there, that even avid conspiracy theorists are not likely to be familiar with. It appears that the website is just like any other archive/forum on the web but with videos that are near impossible to come by. Many have tried to search for the site with no success, even surveying from deepweb search engines and alike. There seem to be a slim connection between the creepypasta "Cervine Birth" and this mystery. It is not clear if the site was hosted on Tor or Freenet, as of now there are 2 creepypasta's related to the website.

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“A lot of discussion has been going around on the subject of the Deep Web (also called Deepnet, the invisible Web, DarkNet, Undernet or the hidden web), though little has been discussed on TsalalNet. I could understand why though; it’s one of the more obscure sites in there. Even for veteraned [sic] members of the deep web, it still remains to be one of the less discussed sites on there.

TsalalNet is a site reserved for the unexplainable areas of the deep web, a place dedicated to media and discussion of the strange and unusual. Most videos and images contain the usual content found on deep web sites, including child pornography, snuff videos, etc., but with what is described by many as an unusual edge or underlying factor to it all.

The content found in TsalalNet may trouble even some of the [veterans, as] the raw footage of acts including necrophilia or snuff contain a layer of the mystical or unnatural that could not be explained. Unworldly sounds are heard in accompaniment to the usual grotesque sounds, whilst visuals suggest something ritualistic at play.

This can even be found in pornographic content, with videos of nude children covered in animal entrails becoming subjects to strange ceremonies performed by men in dark suits. Popular videos include footage of women having miscarriages of grotesque creatures, complex and perhaps occult snuff videos, videos of unexplainable events deemed too graphic and unusual for other sites, and more.


During a restoration effort, a Super 8 film was uncovered in 1979 after a library was flooded after a great storm. It had no proper title or label, rather a circular sigil with curling lines and triangles. It had managed not to be damaged thoroughly by the flood's water, but by an intense burning heat which had caused something like the boiling of flesh. Upon further inspection, the footage itself was still intact.

The first to see it reported a ritual scene within the vein of Spiritism, a movement which began in the earlier part of the century. Practices involved necromancy and forays into more questionable practices. A large number of hooded figures, faces obscured forming a circle. In the center was a dead trio of deer, a family composed of a stag, a doe, and a fawn. The stag was black with the Sol symbol carved to his side, the doe was white and was bearing a crescent. The fawn was blood red with a six-pointed star. The film suddenly cuts to a family gathering around a young girl celebrating her birthday. The scene eventually progresses to her leaving the house, wandering through a forest. As she approaches a forest clearing, there appears to be two young, youthful adults having passionate sex in a black circle of earth. It is eventually shown that they have grotesquely long limbs once the camera pans and zooms out more. The young girl gives them the sign of silence, holding a finger to her mouth. The couple proceeds to break their limbs, causing them to write on the ground. They do this in both pain and great passion. The limbs are cracked and bent to form a triangle for which the child proceeds to create a fire in the center. The film cuts back suddenly to the ritualistic scene with the hooded figures. It is seen that as the people draw back from the center, there is the cervine family created more in the form of man. At the first scene, they appear on the ground twitching violently with their long thin limbs. The footage continues to show them standing upright, as though on tall stilts dancing in a crude manner. The congregation is seen celebrating as countless candles are lit and wine and other such things are enjoyed. We proceed to see the family in full form, head of an animal with tree like horns growing outwards. At the end the people reveal their faces as something un-human, whether animal or not. It is implied they are to expect more as we see a large cart bringing in more animal remains and other such things.

The film ends with an esoteric seal

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